Amy Winehouse - "He Can Only Hold Her" feat. Intuition

from by Various



Lil' miss thing: I know you had your heart stolen
I'm a card holding member of that club, smarts don't it?
here's a hand full of darts, go on throw 'em
at his picture on your wall next to all your arts and poems.
I'm trying to pacify, you're acting like my actions lie
I ask you why the passion died, it isn't always black and white.
Let's forget about the past tonight,
I'm not your ex and I'm tired of getting trashed to fight.
it's getting, getting kind of hectic
a victim of your sickness but i was trying to catch it.
and i did, now I'm going all out kid
because i hate to see a pretty face fall frowning.
regardless where your heart is, you've still got me mesmerized.
trying to count the body parts of yours i've memorized.
good god, strike me down if i ever lie,
stop dwelling on severed ties or what's inside you never dies.


from I Ruined These Songs For You, released March 23, 2010


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