I Ruined These Songs For You Too

by Various



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The follow up to 2010's "I Ruined These Songs For You." I really enjoy rapping over songs that I like and creating fake collaborations, so I did it again.


released March 29, 2011

All songs created by the listed artists, additional lyrics by Intuition. Additional beat freaking / scratching, and engineering by DJ Zo.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Jai Paul - BTSTU (feat. Intuition)
nowadays a year seems like an eon
i'm well aware and scared it was a long time to be gone
but be calm…soon the name'll glow up in neon
lights i'm back and ready to grab a slice of the pecan
pie shit flyest ridden shoulders of a giant
on that gold touch midas no luck lying
but i'm trying…they try to tell me no man is a island
paradise in my eyelids keeps me high an self reliant
it almost sailed but the tides drove my ship to shore
i'm back to not giving a solitary stroke of intercourse
been a sinner since living in winter's bitter scorn
mind of a winner your spine got a quitter's core
meaning i ain't the glass jaw to fuck with
s'the last draw ya dumbshit it's hacksaws to drumsticks
attack tracks that ass slap the function
i'm back and i'm grabbing the last laugh ya punk bitch
Track Name: Icona Pop - Manners (feat. Intuition)
well pardon poor etiquette less is more fetishist
Sex du jour mess wit your extra sore sentiments
yep i did some foul shit, ain't really defending it
house of cards is fallen darling catch the floor when it gives
kissing with a blind fold don't know what your messing with
save your war words baby girl i'm the best at this
learn the lesson n' quit actin all extra pissed
callin me a chauvinist like you some kinda feminist
please get up off of that shit
pretending there was any sort of passion in our last kiss
don't count me in your notches mark it with an asterisk
and tell your future husband that you did it all for practice
my momma raised me right so you can blame me twice
and ain't no way you can change me or try to make me right
hated the way we fight but none of that matters
cuz you're still gonna say it boils down to bad manners
Track Name: Phantogram - When I'm Small (feat. Intuition)
i'm feeling to alive to be dead yet too dead to be alive
let that drip drop red and put the medicine inside
bet i'm better than these metal peddlers but pride
got me bent up like i'll never get a little bit of shine
but i'm fending off the time
finger on the button something heavy on the side
lingerin on nothing what i put inside my mind
often bitter and disgusting
so reminiscent of liquor my liver didn't function
now i'm diggin up from the dirt
separating self from where the grunts go to work
save your self hatred and your love of getting hurt
for your final destination stumbling drunk up in a hearse
look it's purgatory for the people
who believed the glory when they heard the story of the eagle
fool you can't reinvent truth
i'd rather die the worst me than live to be the best you
Track Name: Sublime - Get Out (feat. Intuition)
the compound used to be on hope ave
idiots and instruments filled the whole pad
making music aimlessly claiming there's no plan
but secretly getting famous makin our own fans
sandwiched in between a school and a highway
a bum named cj was livin in the driveway
when nocan visited to make that impatient
he shitted in the sink of our regular gas station
thunderhut and the service would come to kick it
our landlord's brother almost stabbed us in the kitchen
and sp and rob stole some food to have a picnic
and we bbq'd and argue'd over who would do the dishes
we'd have like 10 rappers steady crashin on the floor
if i had another chance i'd go back again for more
it was all innocent next to how we live now
but i had to tell those vagrant motherfuckers get ouuuut
Track Name: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer (feat. Intuition)
roll them windows down blare a rock song
been about a week since i had a pair of socks on
yeah rocking cut off shorts
next stop shark's cove baby come on board
because it's so hot that i'm red up in the cheeks
so you best believe that we headed to the beach
till i get sunstroke yeah you bet i'm gonna sleep
first getting drunk with my friends on these venice streets
i been saying that i'm sick for days
so i could skip my j-o and still get the pay
looking for a beach bunny that i'll whisk away
ain't bathing for shit i'll take a dip in the waves
hey i'm in a lawn chair, drunken warm beer,
taken in the scent of the salt in the calm air
we all there eaten red meat brother
all american splendor of a deadbeat summer
Track Name: Javelin - Susie Cues (feat. Intuition)
susie q got that attitude through the roof
she backstab beautiful booty like a rubics cube
it's three dimensional twist turn move it too
bit lip smirk no clue what she'd do to you
ooowweeee 'scuze me miss
sweet as that jawbreaker i chipped two teeth with
got me down to do whatever it is you see fit
cuz your charms the shit i try to fill up looseleaf with
and you sexy as hell
flowers pail in comparison next to your smell
got me sucking in my stomach trying to flex up my shell
doin the most to impress you as well hell
you're green eyes are as pretty as the sunrise
every dumb guy wanna be privy to your love life
but but they just ain't me so baby you and me we just stay we

i'm like susie susie q
baby you got me like
oooowaaay ooowayyy oooooo
sing it one more time now

susie you be known to brighten the day
you're smile's like a lite that chase the fighting away
you got me looking at the future, right in the face
thinking well…alright it might be okay
you best to know that i never met a soul so true
still blushing when i open up the door for you
making out to shugie otis records so old school
nothings out of bounds we know no rules
i said it ain't a game girl we referee free
got scientists fighting bout what our chemistry be
but me and you's all the recipe needs
the impression that you left ain't gonna ever leave me
you know how that thing go
already well aware you on some nat king cole
so save all the woopty woop
i finished my my foolish youth when i stumbled on suzy q
Track Name: Frank Ocean - Swim Good (feat. Intuition)
i'm giving in, sinking to the bottom of them blue depths
cleanse my body of the desperate stench of the mess that you left
ain't swimming much but i do tread, i'm tired of this movement
i'm thinking bout sleeping treatin this ocean as my new bed
bet you two step to the rhythm of that wave crash
press that pedal accelerate and make it fade black
i pray that satan and waiting on me for payback
ashamed of the place my fate's at, chasing a break to change that
i found a heartbeat in the back of this carseat
bloody blackened charred meat that got hacked and the passion scarred me
but it's still beaten at the pace of a marching army
you never said i'm sorry yet that no longer harms me
this ties a noose, bulletproof in a black suit
i wanna ask you to straighten a couple facts too
but it's been check mate, so my last move's
to swim from this shore that i'm never coming back to
Track Name: Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong (feat. Intuition)
on the foot of the bed again letting breaths flutter
i'm rhea butler love letter head hunter
it's deja vu saying you not the bread to butter
but you always look the best the week after we left each other
i'm pushing for space mean mugging the message
poker face pretending i don't love the attention
but i'm hugging the fence and rubbing your legs and
letting reminiscent thoughts of us cut up the tension
girl you always act so nonchalant when you say our hearts are wrong
and then you whisper to me not to stop
you're my cold war confidant
we got a lot of past but know the future's probably gone to god
it's reverse psychology
you cry to spite all of me but still you like callin me
this bedroom's got an open door policy
you sauntered up them stairs and girl i swear that i forgot to breathe
Track Name: The Strokes - Under the Cover of Darkness (feat. Intuition)
Why you leaving when the war is within
we got our own fight to fight and i ain't sure that you'll win
i know you can't afford to feel all normal again
but don't go actin all immortal like you're more than a man
i'm only callin cuz i need you to know i care
already said good bye to three friends that headed over there
looking back on years we shared with a sober stare
wishing i'da said don't you dare you know your home is here
whatever happened to rebellious youth
whatever happened to public enemy telling the truth
as a kid i was always kinda jealous of you
and that's a pretty fucking gaint elephant in the room
but still i never followed in my dad's footsteps
we know a lot of folks that did and look where that took them
think it's a bad look friend but do your thing i'll relax
and i'll be here waiting holler when you get back
Track Name: Raphael Saadiq - Good Man (feat. Intuition)
don't you ever question all my good intentions
even when you took offense and claimed i never stood attentive
i was there fred astaire dancing in the deluge
you had your chance to stay true while advanced and made moves
and made time voice mail sounding like a hate line
you ugly on the inside better hope you stay fine
pushing forth that negativity i'm trying to shake mine
turning every fight into a fucking second rate crime
always throwing shit and slapping me
you're lucky i'm a good man or else you wouldn't have your teeth
you got some tall tales woven in your tapestry
spewing all that hate speak and then come crawling back to me
you say i'll die alone we know that ain't the truth
i'm the best man you ever met during your wasted youth
you need some basic maintenance to help you change your tune
i'm just to big a person to waste the strength of hate on you
Track Name: Erykah Badu - Soldier (feat. Intuition)
yessiree blessed just to breathe
inquisitive for liven never know what's next to see
expect less needs rest in peace
and if you learn the secret shoot a text message please
my mama raised her a life long learner
got the specs strapped to keep the eyes strong yearnin
for dia monds in the rough i'm un heard of
it's never black and white nah the lines all blurred up
and now our foes know to stay ne'er apparent
yet and still that ol' rockets red glare is flairin
the same song since our parents parents parents
and here we are working past the same fears we're sharin
keep marchin them picket signs
fighting them ticket fines
grindin in that cubicle but thinking that this isn't life
push the poison for relief until you're sick inside
i wonder if we knew the truth would we start to miss the lies?