The Black Keys - "Psychotic Girl" feat. Intuition

from by Various



You took the mask of baby boo and showed your true colors.
How you do unto others got me feeling too smothered.
I ain't Pretty Boy Floyd, I'm a true lover,
so don't play me for the square dear, I ain't no newcomer nah.
You gotta real nice costume in public.
When we're stuck with eachother it's like frost, gloom, and ruckus....
you love it...cuz you thrive on the theatrics.
Turn bygones to my songs, no lights on in the attic.
And I'm past this, you're past tense, your absence is welcome.
Cuz your antics are frantic, been mad since I felt them.
And I'm asking for help, I need to find my logic,
Cuz I just can't take it anymore you're psychotic girl.


from I Ruined These Songs For You, released March 23, 2010


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